Gates of Rahab

Omnes relinquite spes, o vos intrantes.

Once a shining light in the world, the Pact between Man and The Powers That Be provided protection, patronage, and power for all beings of the light. Over long millenia, the bonds of the Pact have weakened, wild and dark things encroach upon the last bastions of the sentient races. Forgotten are the magics of the past, the sages and their wisdom lost to the ages.

The golden age has long past, the wilds stir, and the darkness seeps in from the shadows of the void. Much of the old world is in ruin, periodically terrorized by some unfathomable beast. Only in the land of Albion has been salvaged, but even in the lands where the Pact was born have the Unbound begun to creep in. The Charter Stones have begun to crack and break, some under the weight of time, others under more malevolent intentions.

The fey and other creatures roam the forests, the unprotected dead rise from their crypts, and strange and alien things have been spotted under tattered hoods and cloaks.

Ruins of Rahab